Golem Workshop is an affiliation of freelancers that specializes in social robotics, animatronics, and interactive special effects.

They are independent engineers, artists, and technicians that assemble on a per-project basis.Thanks in large part to modern technology, team members for a project can collaborate instantly - even over long distances. When particular tasks of a project are complete, they change to a different role in the project or else continue their work outside of Golem Workshop.

Several people have specialized skillsets which may enhance only a single Golem Workshop project, but others regularly contribute. Meet a few of the regulars:

Derek Scherer started down a traditional engineering path: a few degrees and then a research position in military robotics. The urge came to explore wilder interests and he was soon applying his skills to toys, haunted house animatronics, and feature film special effects. Derek founded Golem Group, LLC to provide an outlet for his own creative energy as well as a platform to join together talented people in great projects. Golem Workshop exists as a brand under that company, and Derek's role in the Workshop is to perform any technical work within his areas of expertise, as well as managing projects.

Derek's website

Jason Frailey made a name for himself by sculpting action figures and toys with detail and precision exceeding industry standards. This unique skillset came through most strongly in the accurateness of the facial likeness of action figures to their real world counterparts. He brings this same level of quality and detail to every project he works on, and his breadth of artistry has spread to video game sprites and other digital art, animatronic and robotic aesthetic design, and more.

Jason's blog

Adam Smith owns and operates a studio responsible for producing prototypes used in toy, commercial art, and other industries. Beginning as an independent sculptor, Adam developed the skills necessary to mold, cast, paint, and distribute his own art. His great attention to detail and quality craftsmanship in prototyping caught the attention of other artists and companies, and he now maintains a shop of employees to meet the ongoing demand for his work.

True Cast Studios' facebook page

Adrienne Smith has the distinguished trait among artists of being both highly proficient and completely reliable. Her natural inclination to explore abstract and intricate designs has lent itself to her specialties in various art forms. Her sculpting is clean and highly detailed, her paintings are raw and expressive, and her plush figures and other sewn pieces are fun and interesting.